“Shoes x Vintage Clothing” 色彩をテーマにキュレーションした Sellenatela と Milli Vintage の 3 日間限定ポップアップイ ベントが開催

“Shoes x Vintage Clothing” A 3-day pop-up event curated by Sellenatela and Milli Vintage under the color theme will be held

“Shoes x Vintage Clothing” From 4/29 (Fri.) to 5/1 (Sun.), at the vintage shop Milli Vintage located in Tomigaya, Sellenatela and the same store curated shoes and second-hand clothes under the theme of "white / yellow green / blue". It will be held. Sellenatela designer Ikuei Enomoto, who lived in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States for five years in his twenties, and Milli Vintage owner Toshinmai, who moved to Tomigaya soon after opening a store there. Both of them have roots in San Francisco, and what they have in common is the rich and vivid...

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[NEW ARRIVAL] A new color appears in MARTHA pumps!

New colors for the 2021 AUTUMN / WINTER season pumps "MARTHA" have arrived! MARTHA has a long toe and a deep cut line that is perfect for the current mood. This season, we are introducing two colors, vivid ORANGE and PINK, that will brighten up your feet in autumn and winter, which tend to be heavy.
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[21AW new work] Pre-order starts today 👢

Pre-orders for the 2021 AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION have started today!

This season, he started his work inspired by the colorful colors and solid lines of the works of contemporary Mexican architect Luis Barragán.
Influenced by the strength to feel vitality, the theme of the season is "shoes that empower the wearer", and the collection was created with the image of shoes that add color and spice to the fall and winter season, when dark items tend to increase.

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rrres 企画展がスタート!!

rrres special exhibition has started!!

From today, a special exhibition by Mexican design studio has started at HALL by Sellenatela and Sellenatela Online Shop! "rrres" is a design studio that produces and presents modern design interiors and objects using traditional Mexican craft techniques. Approximately 20 rugs, tapestries, blankets, and ceramics that make you feel the strong sunlight and environment of Latin America, which is the source of inspiration, will be exhibited and sold.

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Unknown Territory at Sellenatela 開催のお知らせ

Announcement of Unknown Territory at Sellenatela

Mexican design studio @rrres will be held at HALL by Sellenatela and Sellenatela Online Shop.
Curated by Gallery KIAN in Jiyugaoka. In this exhibition, we will display and sell rrres' new 2021 items as well as archive works.
Don't miss this chance to have your first solo exhibition in Japan!

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