Thoughts embodied in the new base “HALL”

HALL by Sellenatela

"I'm considering buying NOA . It says it's a larger size, but if you usually wear 23.5cm , which one is better, 36 or 36.5 ?"

One of the most frequently asked questions in running an online shop with Sellenatela was about size. Shoes cannot be worn unless they are the correct size. When purchasing from an online shop, I felt that it was difficult for customers to dispel the anxiety of what to do if the shoes did not fit their feet.

If there was a place where you could actually try out the shoes you were interested in...

Therefore, since last year, we have held open atelier events and events organized by Sellenatela , consciously creating opportunities for customers to actually touch our products.

shoes and vintage

September 30th and October 1st, 2017 "Shoes and Vintage"

In September of last year, we held an event "Shoes and Vintage" at a gallery in Omotesando together with Nagoya's select shop " different. " More than 150 people attended the event, which proposed vintage items that could be enjoyed with shoes, and the venue was a great success every day.

As we took the lead in creating a place where customers could come into direct contact with the shoes and the Sellenatela brand, we made a big discovery. That is, people gather when there is a place, and new energy is born when people gather .

At Sellenatela , we don't just make shoes and sell them, we value sharing the story behind them. By having our own space, we might be able to convey more things. It might be possible to create a new story.

Generate and circulate energy.

We created a place called “ HALL ” that will serve as our base with such thoughts that we want to cherish as a brand.

Origin of name and space

The name HALL has the meaning of "a large room where people gather", and it contains the desire of Sellenatela designer Enomoto to make it a place where people can gather, centering on design, fashion, art and culture that are inseparable from Sellenatela . It is

The space combines elements such as bare and made parts, ruggedness and elegance, modern and vintage, and expresses the "balance of conflicting things" that Sellenatela is always conscious of when making shoes. increase.

HALL by Sellenatela

Arches leading to office space and doors in brand colors

HALL by Sellenatela

original round mirror

When you come to HALL, you can actually see the shoes you are interested in and try them on. And you can touch the world of Sellenatela. I would like to work hard to make HALL an exciting place for women.

Stories connected by "LADY"

Introducing the chair "LADY" that Enomoto longed for, saying, "If I could have a place like this someday, I'd like to put it there."

LADY by Marco Zanuso

"LADY" designed by Marco Zanuso in 1951

Developed in 1951 with Italian furniture maker "Arflex" and tire maker "Pirelli", "LADY" was created in response to the technology and materials of the time when chairs using wood were the mainstream. It was a mind-boggling design. Pirelli's elastic rubber is used inside the cushion, and it is an iconic existence of modern design that considers not only the beauty of the appearance but also the functionality.

Enomoto's desire as a shoe designer, "I want to design beautiful and functional shoes for women," overlaps with the story of this LADY chair. .

At the end

In the future, HALL will not only function as a shop and showroom, but will also hold events and special exhibitions. I hope that the place called HALL will be a place where many stories are told and many stories are born.

You can see the details such as the opening date of HALL on the following page.

> https://www.sellenatela.com/pages/our-shop-and-showroom-hall