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A collection of works by Alexander Calder, one of America's leading contemporary artists and sculptors, published in 1971. The 216-page book is beautifully printed in black and white, with Calder's work laid out across the spread pages.

Designer's review

Alexander Calder (1898-1976, born in Pennsylvania, USA) is a contemporary artist famous for inventing and creating mobiles called moving sculptures.
Born into a family where his father and grandfather were sculptors and his mother a painter, he majored in mechanical engineering at university and experienced various technical jobs after graduating. One of these experiences, when he was working as a passenger ship engineer, was deeply moved by seeing the rising sun and the setting full moon facing each other on the horizon, and this experience led Calder to become an artist. Feeling like an inspiration. Calder's longing for art, his interest in cosmic phenomena, and his thirst for expression undoubtedly became one at this moment. After that, Calder entered an art college in New York to study drawing, and began to create circus animals and performers, which he was fascinated with at the time, using materials such as harnessed wire, which he had acquired while studying mechanics. After graduating, he went to Paris, where in 1927 he published the work Calder's Circus, which made Calder famous. He was greatly influenced by a visit to the atelier of Piet Mondrian, famous for his abstract paintings composed of the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. . Calder gained worldwide fame for his geometric and organic mobiles and standing mobiles, becoming one of America's leading contemporary artists, and leaving behind many works for posterity.

In this book, Calder's wire works, sketches, mobile works, production scenes, photographs of his daughter, etc. are published in powerful black-and-white prints. The wire work is so elaborate that it can be mistaken for a painting, and the animal work even feels vitality. If you have only seen Calder's colorful mobile works, this is a book I would like you to see.

I love Calder's work. His geometric and organic works are said to be created out of his interest in the universe. Maybe it's because I feel the "universe" that he expresses, but strangely enough, I never get tired of looking at his work.

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Author: H. Harvard Arnason, Ugo Mulas, Alexander Calder

Publisher: Thames and Hudosn

Publication year: 1971

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute: 216 pages

Size: 225 x 317mm

Condition: Used, cover with vinyl cover, contents have yellowing and stains due to aging

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