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A collection of works by French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand, synonymous with modernism in the 1930s and mid-century organic design in the 1950s. This book contains many of Perriand's representative furniture, architectural works, and sketches.

Designer's review

Charlotte Perriand (born 1903-199 in Paris, France) has experience working in the atelier of architect Le Corbusier. In his atelier, together with Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret, he produced furniture using not only wood but also new materials such as iron, aluminum, glass and leather. These works, which are called mid-century furniture, are all modern even today, and I am impressed by their high foresight and aesthetic sense. In the 1940s, Perriand stayed in Japan for about a year at the invitation of Junzo Itakura, an architect who worked with Le Corbusier at his studio. It is said that the experience of being deeply impressed by Japanese traditions and aesthetics has been strongly reflected in her subsequent works.

Perriand believed that better design would help create a better society, and aimed to extend it to the art of housing. A functional and beautiful living space. And furniture that combines functionality and beauty of appearance. I am fascinated by Perriand's way of thinking as an architect and designer, and the works created through her aesthetic eye. Also, I feel a little familiarity with Perriand's work, perhaps because her aesthetic sense is in line with the minimalism and modesty of Japanese culture. Then, while scraping off the parts that can be scraped off, it leaves a cuteness by not being overly sophisticated. Looking at the works that give such an impression, I feel that Perriand must have been very charming. This book contains many of her representative works. Also, there are several photos of Perriand herself, and she is always fashionable and charming. Her parents were fashion craftsmen, so she must have been familiar with fashion. In fact, Perriand is said to have favored avant-garde fashion, so fashion may have been part of her expression. This book is an inspirational book where you can see Perriand and her work at the same time.

As I write this book review, I am thinking that someday I would like to visit the Les Arcs ski resort in France designed by Perriand.

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Publication year: 2005

Publisher: Assouline Publishing

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute: 79 pages

Size: 164 x 222mm

Condition: Used, cover has light stains, scratches, creases, contents are good

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