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The 4th edition of a collection of works published in 2003 looking back on 50 years of Cy Twombly's activities. This collection contains 84 of Twombly's works from 1953 to 2002.

Designer's review

The works of Cy Twombly (born 1928 – 2011, Virginia, U.S.A.) are described as “painted poetry,” with jagged lines that seem to be drawn according to the emotions, and those that are drawn in circles. It is characterized by circles, shapes colored with messy paint, and lists of numbers that make no sense. It seems that the work with a mysterious charm like a child's graffiti is drawn by relying on the movement of the hand rather than the eye. If you focus on what you see with your eyes, you will be dominated by your consciousness, so it will be drawn out of your hand as if you are distracted from your consciousness. Twombly's works are improvisational, unstable and furious, and sometimes very joyful and rhythmic. It has a mysterious charm that no one else's work can match.

Twombly moved to Rome in 1957 to set up his studio. In the 1960s, he set up an atelier in New York and continued to create works by going back and forth between Italy and the United States. This book contains 84 representative works from the four years before moving to Rome and the 46 years after that. This is a recommended book that allows you to see a lot of Twombly works at once.

I was fascinated by the unsettled beauty of Twombly's work and created a collection inspired by his work for the Sellenatela 2017AW collection. In the season collection titled "repetitive euphoria," the image of deepening euphoria amid conflicting elements is created through the creation of shoes and a photographic work in collaboration with London-based photographer Chus Anton. announced. This book is a collection of works that were referenced during the production of the collection.

Currently, Twombly's work is sold as a poster work at an affordable price, but if I can get the real thing someday! It's a day when I think of something like a dream. At an auction hosted by Sotheby's in New York in 2015, one of Twombly's chalkboard paintings sold for 8.7 billion yen. It's just a dream to get your hands on it... isn't it? smile

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Author: Julie Sylvester


Publication year: 2008

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute: 156 pages

Size: 252 x 345mm

Condition: Used, the cover is bent, torn, and soiled, and the contents are slightly yellowed due to aging.

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