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About the book

A collection of posters produced between 1963 and 1986 by British contemporary artist David Hockney. Hockney himself designed posters using paintings, drawings, photo collages, etc. In addition to his own solo exhibitions, you can see various poster works such as music festivals and theater announcements. At the end of the book, 128 illustrations including works not introduced in this book are posted.

Designer's review

David Hockney (1937 – born in Bradford, England) is one of the leading British contemporary artists of the 20th century. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, he is an artist full of vitality who continues to create new works even at the age of 83. In recent years, he has become a hot topic for creating works using techniques using iPads.

Many of Hockney's paintings have a pop color scheme influenced by the colors of California, but they are somewhat cynical, a little damp, and humorous. There are also many works depicting his own form of love, homosexuality, and the complexity in pop colors is very attractive.

Looking at this book, which contains only poster works, I take my hat off to Hockney's talent as a designer. Especially the handwritten fonts and composition are wonderful. This book is a book that can be enjoyed even from a designer's point of view.

Also, the charm of this book is that you can get it at a reasonable price among Hockney's works. It's recommended for those who have heard of Hockney but don't know much about the work, and since it's a large book, it's also recommended to lean it against the wall and decorate it like a poster to accent your room!

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Author: David Hockney


Publication year: 1987

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute: 128 pages

Size: 272 x 360mm

Condition: Used, good cover, with vinyl cover, good contents

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