Marcel Breuer

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A collection of works by Marcel Breuer published in 2001. The first part explains Breuer's biography and furniture works in English, French, and German, and chronologically: Bauhaus period 1920-1928, Berlin-Switzerland period 1928-1934, British-American period 1935-1950 A book containing published works.

Designer's review

Marcel Breuer (1902-1981, Pécs, Hungary) is an architect and designer who studied and later taught as one of the first students of the Bauhaus. The work "Wasily Chair", which is also used as the cover photo of this book, is known as the world's first chair using steel pipes, announced by Breuer in 1925. At that time, chairs were generally made of wood. The use of steel pipes was innovative, and it is said that the design using steel pipes had a great influence on Le Corbusier and others. The Wassily Chair, which is still modern today, is a masterpiece chair that is still popular today as a pioneering design of modernism.

In addition to the Wassily chair, Breuer's wooden chairs, cabinets made of glass and steel, stools that were also used in the Bauhaus school, and wicker cantilevers are included in this book. Various works such as the Cheska chair and architectural drawings designed by Breuer are posted.

The basics of Breuer's design were cultivated in the Bauhaus, so it is characterized by the beauty of stripped down waste. I think it can be said that the beauty that is called modernism is a universal beauty that does not change over time. I am also greatly influenced by Bauhaus and modernist design.

Now that designer furniture is so popular, you might be thinking of getting a vintage Wassily or Ceska chair. As I write this review, I am so excited about Breuer's furniture that I can't help but look at auctions.

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Author: Magdalena Droste, Manfred Ludewig
Publisher: Taschen
Publication year: 2001 Binding: Hardcover Number of pages: 158 pages Size: 230 × 317 mm
Condition: Used, cover has scratches and tears, vinyl cover included, contents are good

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