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A collection of representative works and achievements of the German art school Bauhaus, which has influenced various fields such as architecture, ceramics, textile design, graphic design, and furniture design.

Designer's review

Bauhaus is an art school established in the Weimar Republic in central Germany after World War I that comprehensively taught design, crafts, photography and architecture. Despite its short history of 14 years from 1919 to 1933, its achievements are great, and even today it continues to have a great impact on various fields such as design and architecture around the world. At Bauhaus, I emphasized rationalism and taught design that prioritizes function under the policy of "form follows function." It is regarded as a modernist idea, and it continues to be conveyed as a philosophy of modern design.

I became interested in Bauhaus when I saw a poster of Wassily Kandinsky, a representative figure of Bauhaus when I was in high school. At that time, I didn't know Kandinsky's name, but what a cool design! I remember being shocked. I was fascinated by visual communication, so I entered university and studied visual communication. Whether at university in Japan or at a graduate school in the United States, the Bauhaus is always by my side, and it has had a great influence on my life as a designer.

This book contains a wide variety of works, from posters by Kandinsky to the architecture of the Bauhaus school after the move to Dessau, paintings by Josef Albus and chairs by Marcel Breuer. It is clear from the books I have selected for HALL how I am influenced by the Bauhaus. smile

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Author: Doreen Ehrlich

Publisher: Magna Books

Publication year: 1991

Binding: Hardcover

Tribute: 176 pages

Size: 270 x 369mm

Condition: Used, cover has stains, threads, and tears, contents are good

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