Notice of staff recruitment


Sellenatela is currently looking for staff. We are looking for members who sympathize with the brand and can take on interesting challenges together. If you like shoes, like interacting with people, and like detailed work, please apply.

<working days>
3 days or more per week

<work location>
Minami Aoyama Atelier

<Business content>
Shoes production assistant, SNS operation, EC site management, and various other operations related to brand management

<preferred treatment>
・ Those who have experience in managing SNS for companies and brands
・ Those who have been involved in the operation and management of EC sites
・ Those who like SNS and blogs and use them on a daily basis
・Those who can use Illustrator and Photoshop
・Person with English ability

<How to apply>
Please send your resume and self-PR to the following. The person in charge will contact you if you request an interview.
Person in charge: Yamano