Walk with Sellenatela,
on a special day, also the special ordinary days.

Cherish the original aesthetics and sense of values.
Shoes that color, support, and walk together with the wearer's feet.

Sellenatela aims for a slightly special pair that was not possible. Making shoes that are close to you on special days and everyday life.
In addition to the shoes themselves, it is important to continue to transmit stories that enrich the lives of those who wear them and stimulate their intellectual curiosity.


Contemporary art, modernist architecture, furniture design, and forms created by nature. A designer with a background in graphic design draws inspiration from various things that he sees every day to create shoes.

The collection line features graphical and organic creations, and the standard line pursues universal beauty.

In addition, we emphasize not only the beauty of the appearance, but also the functionality of the shoes, and by repeatedly making prototypes with the trusted wooden mold craftsmen and shoe makers, we are able to create Japan-made shoes that have a reputation for being easy to walk. Realized.


Founded by Moe Enomoto in 2007, and taken over by her younger sister Ikuei Enomoto in 2014.
Since its founding, he has frequently visited shoemakers in Asakusa, Nippori, and Soka, deepened his knowledge of the production background, and built cooperative relationships.

Currently, we are working with manufacturers, tanners, and materials stores to develop original materials.


Ikue Enomoto

Moved to the United States after studying graphic design at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Returned to Japan in 2010 after receiving a master's degree in industrial art from the San Francisco State University Graduate School. Since 2014, he has been working as a Sellenatela designer.