Sellenatela's best-selling item NOA was designed from designer Enomoto's desire to create modern lace-up boots that are not influenced by trends, and was born in the 2016 Fall/Winter collection five years ago.

Designed with the image of lace-up boots with a timeless impression that goes well with both vintage and modern clothes, the original plan was to develop black and brown Italian soft leather with beautiful texture and color. One day, Enomoto came across water-repellent glass leather at a leather shop exhibition, and NOA's rain series was born.

Rainy day shoes

"I don't want to wear rubber rain boots just because it's raining, but genuine leather shoes are vulnerable to water and dirt..."

I've heard a lot of complaints about shoes on rainy days. Wear rubber rain boots. Wear old shoes or sneakers that you don't mind getting wet. As a shoe brand, I have always felt that there are few options for shoes that are comfortable to wear on rainy days.

If there are shoes that can be worn regardless of the weather, not just because it's raining, I think it will solve the worries of many women. Enomoto thought so, and decided to add [BLACK RAIN] using water-repellent glass leather to the NOA lace-up boots that he was designing.

Water-repellent glass leather that I met at the exhibition

Water-repellent leather is treated to be waterproof when the leather is tanned, making it difficult for water to penetrate even though it is genuine leather. The surface of the water-repellent glass leather is also coated with a synthetic resin such as urethane, so water will not seep through the surface. In addition to the functional merits, the smooth luster unique to glass processing has a hard atmosphere like cordovan, which is often used for men's shoes, and it is also a point that it goes well with lace-up boots. .

Since its first appearance in 2016, NOA [BLACK RAIN] has gained popularity through word of mouth, and when sold out, additional production is repeated. After that, [IVORY RAIN] was added to the rain series in the Fall/Winter 2017 collection, and the appearance of white boots that are resistant to water and dirt has greatly expanded the options for rainy days.


Since its launch in 2016, NOA has been loved by many people. "The standard design makes it easy to wear, you can wear it for a long time, and it's useful to have a pair of shoes."

Because it is a popular item, is there anything that can be improved so that more people can use it for a long time? Is it possible to improve water repellency and durability? Enomoto came to think so. First, we focused on the material used for the upper, and consulted with a leather store in Asakusa to see if we could develop an original material instead of the existing water-repellent glass leather that had been used since the product was first released.

As mentioned above, glass leather is coated with a synthetic resin such as urethane on its surface, and due to the characteristics of the material, it is prone to creases and cracks due to use. At Sellenatela, we also received repairs for repairing the surface of the glass leather due to cracks. Therefore, we were introduced to a tanner in Himeji who is good at making glass leather, and we decided to develop a water-repellent glass leather that is hard to crack.

Water-repellent glass leather in prototype stage

Starting with several types of prototypes to determine the glossiness of the surface of the glass leather, we asked him to repeatedly test the waterproof agent, the chemical used when tanning the leather, and the ratio of the synthetic resin on the surface of the glass leather. Done. Then, the prototype leather was tested for dynamic water resistance (a test method for evaluating the water resistance of leather under conditions assuming walking) according to the ISO standard set by the international standardization organization. Prototype NOA [BLACK RAIN] when it came out. I actually made shoes and tested the comfort, wrinkles, and water penetration.

By increasing the water repellency, it prevents water from entering from the surface.

After nearly a year of development, Sellenatela's original water-repellent glass leather was finally born in early 2020! This leather is more supple than its predecessor and is less prone to cracking and water seeping through the surface. In addition, during the development period, we not only updated the materials but also reviewed the production process and added a process to apply a water-repellent solvent to the adhesive surface of the outsole, where water easily penetrates, to improve water repellency throughout the shoe. I was able to.

From NOA [BLACK RAIN], which was restocked in the online shop in June 2020, Sellenatela's original water-repellent glass leather is used, and the production process is also water-repellent.

The NOA [BLACK RAIN], which has been updated to give it a smoother luster, is simple yet stylish, and has a design that can be worn regardless of style, and is loved by a wide range of customers.

To use the NOA rain series for a long time

NOA's rain series can be used for a long time with maintenance and repairs, regardless of whether it is before or after the update. If the water-repellent glass leather of the upper is cracked, you can reapply the surface treatment of the glass leather with a tanner. Also, if the sole wears out with use, the manufacturer can replace the sole with a new one. The NOA [BLACK RAIN] before the update can also be improved in water repellency by applying the above-mentioned water repellent solvent to the sole adhesive surface and the entire shoe when replacing the all sole. The reason why we can handle such maintenance and repairs in detail is because both materials and production are covered in Japan.

NOA on the left in the photo. The one on the right has been repaired to replace all soles.

NOA is a timeless item, so we want you to use it for a long time while maintaining and repairing it. Whether it's raining or sunny, we want you to wear our shoes with a radiant spirit. For many women, I would be happy if they could be a pair of companions who want to have a pair in their shoe closet.