[#07] Touching the source of inspiration for the 18AW COLLECTION

"STORIES" will tell you various stories related to Sellenatela. This is the first update in over half a year, but this time I would like to talk about the inspiration source for the 18AW collection .


Inspired by the work of Ettore Sottsass

The season theme of the 18AW collection is "mixture". A collection inspired by the work of Italian industrial designer/architect Ettore Sottsass. Ettore Sottsass has designed many products such as computers, typewriters, and office furniture for Italy's Olivetti for 40 years since the late 1950s.



In 1981, at the age of 64, Sottsass formed a designer group called "Memphis" with young multinational designers, and presented a brightly colored, organic, eccentric and stimulating furniture collection. left a huge impact on

Sottsass 02

Source: Wikipedia

Sellenatela's designer, Enomoto, first encountered Sottsass' work while studying industrial design in graduate school at San Francisco State University. When I first saw the furniture collection designed by the Memphis Group, I was struck by the free conception and expression of colors and shapes.

Ten years have passed since then, and around the fall of last year when I started working on the 18AW collection, Sottsass' work suddenly caught my eye. I wanted to incorporate this free atmosphere into this season, so I decided to create a collection with the theme of "mixture" inspired by Ettore Sottsass.



Enomoto, who usually likes to adopt structural designs that interweave different materials and color combinations, has taken on even more challenges in the 18AW collection and designed designs that are conscious of new combinations.



One of the representative designs of the 18AW season, the lace-up shoe “LOU LOU”.

This pair was designed with the image of the toe shape and luster of the pointed toe lace-up shoes that Enomoto found at a vintage store in San Francisco where he spent his school days.

Smooth leather and python embossed leather are used for the front part of the upper, satin fabric is used for the heel part, and enamel leather is used for the heel.

I chose a completely different material for the first sample, but I thought about how to create a more challenging design and made many revisions.


Photo of 1st sample Combination of suede on the front and enamel on the heel and heel

In particular, the color combination of lavender and peacock green, inspired by the work of Ettore Sottsass, is an iconic pair that has become the main visual of the season.


18AW collection main visual


Another masterpiece of the 18AW season is short boots "SHANNON" that combine stretch fabric and leather. A cute mode design with a pure white heel in a graphical shape.


A combination of asymmetrically switched materials in a square toe wooden shape with sharp edges. Stretch fabric and matching enamel leather trim around the back zip. A very popular pair of shoes this season that is both structured and elegant.


Photo of 1st sample Combination of smooth leather and stretch fabric

In the sample, the back zip was trimmed with the same smooth leather as the front part, but I ended up using glossy enamel because it wasn't punchy enough.


season visual

A season visual created to express the theme of each season. In order to express the theme of "mixture" this time, I used props such as color films and acrylics to shoot.


Get in touch with the inspiration for the collection

This STORIES introduced two designs representing the 18AW collection.

Enomoto's background in graphic design and industrial design has had a great influence on the back of Enomoto's shoemaking.

Inspired by artists and designers, we create shoes with designs that are unique to Sellenatela. It is purely Enomoto's desire to pay respect to good artists and designers, and to share the joy of coming into contact with art and culture through Sellenatela.

We hope that you will enjoy not only one of the fashion items, but also the story based on each collection and each pair of shoes.